Alpa products are unlike any other on the market today. Thanks to our patent-pending technology, our vinyl railing, fences, gates, columns and pillars--along with our stylish low-maintenance decorative accessories--provide an unprecedented array of benefits: long-lasting strength, unmatchable beauty, and multiple colour and style choices.

Alpa products are designed to be durable and can be easily customized to your project's needs; whether you're looking for structured railing, a decorative privacy fence, or a new gate to bring your entire yard together, Alpa products will exceed your expectations. While other vinyl product companies have a limited colour selection and a minimal product offering--and often charge an additional price for different colour options, if offered at all--our vinyl products are available in five colours. Our structural railings are available in four different styles, including three distinct decorative railing collections. We have ten different fence collections, all with complementing gates and unique designs. Along with our many accessories, the choice is yours--and it makes all the difference in your projects.

Alpa means style and low-maintenance living; the proof is in our products. But don't just take our word for it--take a look at our hottest collections of railing, fences and gates, columns and pillars, and decorative accessories, and see the quality and selection for yourself. Then get in touch with us for a free quaote and to find out how our outdoor products can make your home project a head-turning success.

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ALPA Outdoor Colours

alpa clay colour

Alpa Clay

The darkest from our colour selection and works best against a red or orange tone brick. Alpa Clay will prove to give your home a warm, welcoming feeling.

alpa tan colour

Alpa Tan

The chameleon of our colour line, where in certain light, will appear to have a mossy look. When viewed from another angle, may seem to have a dark cream colouration.

alpa cashmere colour

Alpa Cashmere

Our best seller! Alpa Cashmere mimics a light coffee cream shade. It will look incredible on any colour brick, stone or siding exterior. You cannot go wrong when choosing Alpa Cashmere.

alpa white colour

Alpa White

Our white vinyl is not a standard white that you often see on the market. Our white is considered to be an off white with a hint of gray, giving it a customized look. This is another reason Alpa Outdoor Products differs from the rest.

Always refer to one of our sample colour key chains when making a colour selection. Also, look at the colour samples in natural light where you will be installing the product to get the most accurate colour assessment.