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Resources - Installation Guides

How to Install Our Railings

Here is a quick visual step-by-step procedure to install AlpaRail. See our Alpa Structural Railing Installation Guide for full step-by-step instructions, or call our technical support staff with any questions.

  1. Post Reinforcement Installation:

    post reinforcement installation

    Mark and measure out locations of newel posts.

    Tip - do not tighten bolts down 100%. Leave slightly loose until railing is attached later - then tighten fully.

  2. Measure & trim Rails:

    installing railings

    Use a 10" blade with minimum 60 teeth.

    Tip - measure equally on both sides to trim so the baluster will have an equal look in spacing between each end. Cut the pre-made railing sections with retainers and then cut the vinyl top rail cap and bottom rail cap.

  3. Install bottom post with screws:

    showing how to install railings installing bottom posts

    Repeat for each post. Remember to not drill screw in fully, leave enough out to slide the L-Bracket over the screw. Adding additional screws through the L-bracket holes is optional.

  4. Install 'L' Brackets:

    Use our #6 x 3/8" Self drilling pan socket tek screw.

    installing AlpaRail how to install with L brackets

    Tip - install the L-Bracket 1/16" inset in the retainer to get a tighter fit when fastening to your connection face.

  5. Install Railing:

    post reinforcement installation how to install railing directions railing installation guide

    Tip - Use a bit extension. When installing on an angled cut (22.5 or 45 degree), install the L-bracket back to the inside corner of the cut and use longer screws (galvanized) to connect to the support face.

  6. Snap into place top (Hand) & bottom railings:

    railing installation tips using hammer to install railing using railing post caps

    Tip - Use a rubber mallet or the end of a hammer (for bottom rail) to get a tight snap on the AlpaRail retainer rail track. After the rails are attached, don't forget to do a final fasten down of the anchor bolts in the newel post base and snap the two snap skirts.

  7. Push on post cap:

    vinyl railing post cap

    Tip - run a bead of silicon on the inside of the post cap and push down in place. Please refer to our step-by-step AlpaRail Structural Railing Installation Guide booklet for a more details, or contact our Technical Support Team at 905-796-6631 for further assistance.