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Resources - Product Information

Railing Facts

  1. Know what you are buying… Alpa Outdoor Products uses galvanized steel posts with welded base plates that need to be anchored down in concrete or bolted down in a wood deck application.

    On a concrete surface application, you should be very concerned if your railing contractor or supplier is doing this. Chances are, in about a year or two, you will have to replace the post again or refrain from leaning on your railings. Lift the post cap and look down to make sure you are not getting cheated out of a structural railing.

    galvanized steel posts guard railing information

    These pictures show pressure treated wood that is screwed down on a metal base. This is not a long term application.

    structural railing information what to know about railing

    Alpa Outdoor Products always does this: See our railing installation guide for full details when installing a newel post.

  2. Having exposed connection brackets are not only unappealing if they are not galvanized; they can rust and shear off making your railings dangerous to lean on.

    wood railing alternatives how to replace rotted railings

    You be the judge of what looks better... Here is the AlpaRail difference with our easy to install non-exposed L- brackets:

    railing home project AlpaRail railing

  3. Not all railings are made equal.

    AlpaRail can span a maximum 92”, inside post to inside post (clear span). That is the maximum O.B.C. (Ontario Building Code) requirement for a guard railing. Most aluminum spans only up to 72” to 76” clear. In many cases, this will create a need to use more newel posts and make a project more costly. When looking at other vinyl railings, some have systems that fail to lock their components in place. Our patent pending technology and AlpaRail design will ensure this does not happen.

    guard railing requirement post guard railing installation

    Competition vs. AlpaRail

    I guess our vision was clear when we sat at the drawing table to design our rail…

  4. Why even consider having a wood railing installed?
    Most builders are quickly changing the way they choose railing products for their homes. Most find it costly and upsetting to their customers when they have to come back and re-paint their railings, or worse, replace rotted railings. Major retailers offer wood railings for the DIY type. Chances are, you will not be happy when things start to weather years down the road. Below is what can happen over time depending on your home's exposure, wood rot can happen quicker.

    replacing rotted railing replacing weathered railing